21st Century Expo Group Welcomes New Intern Paige Perminter

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Bloomfield College Student to Intern at Nationally Renowned General Contractor For Trade Shows and Exhibits

21st Century Expo Group, a nationally renowned general contractor for trade shows, special events and exhibits, is pleased to announce the addition of Paige Perminter, Intern.

Ms. Perminter’s primary responsibility will be supporting various departments and business functions as a Support Assistant. These include exhibit services, trade show services, warehouse and fulfillment services, social media, customer support and marketing.

Paige brings enthusiasm, a team attitude and a heart of service to the 21st Century Expo Group with her experience as an athlete, in customer service and a photography ambassador. “There are tons of similarities between playing a sport and the professional workplace. I’m thrilled to transfer some of these skills over to the professional world,” said Paige.

A native of Maryland, Paige joins 21st Century Expo Group as a student currently enrolled at Bloomfield College where she just completed her sophomore year on a basketball scholarship.   She is currently pursuing her degree in CAT- Expanded Media.  “Paige is a delight and we welcome and look forward to her contributions to 21st Century Expo Group,” states Ray McFarland, CEO.

About 21st Century Expo Group

21st Century Expo Group is a nationally renowned general contractor for trade shows, events and exhibits. 21st Century Expo Group designs, builds, installs and manages customized exhibits that their clients use to tell their brand story, increase their brand awareness and reach their target markets. 21stCentury Expo Group, a certified woman-owned business, is considered a leader in turn-key solutions and continues to experience increased market share. For more information about 21st Century Expo Group, please visit www.21stceg.com .