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What we do best

Delivering World-Class Experience

Managing your trade shows, custom exhibits and special events.

21st Century Expo Group is on mission to deliver a seamless experience. Our team is your partner to plan epic events, create amazing exhibits and organize engaging trade shows. We take on the role of show organizer, event planner and exhibit manager, overseeing everything from custom exhibits to trade shows.

Excellence is the cornerstone of our company, so we ensure that every part of your special event, trade show or exhibit best reflects who you are in the eyes of your customers. From the smallest detail to the more complicated tasks, our team is here to serve you.

We have worked with a variety of event planners and organizers to manage their events since 1991. We work with industry associations, corporations, government agencies and nonprofits among other organizations to deliver high quality and memorable events.

Your One Stop Shop

21st Century Expo Group is your “one stop shop” for exhibit and trade show management.

21st Century Expo Group is your one-stop-shop. We’re the one call you make to manage every aspect of your event. Our two decades of experience in the exhibitions and special events industry gives us the expertise to understand your target market, create engaging environments and deliver results.

Our Five Principles for Success

The 21st Century Expo Group experience summed up in five principles:

  1. Fair pricing: We deliver quality service and value to our customers. Your budget is our roadmap and we will use this map to craft the best possible route to a superior event experience for you.
  2. Service innovation: Great companies never stand still. They are always learning and growing so that they can provide the best service to their clients. Our forward thinking and innovation consistently propels us in the market, giving you the best product available.
  3. Responsiveness: When you choose a company to work with, you’d like to know that your business is a priority. We value each and every customer relationship, so you can be certain that one of our team members will always be ready and available to respond to your needs.
  4. Service-oriented attitude: Our team is dedicated to each client we with work with. Consider us an extension of your own team.
  5. Teamwork: You need a company that is going to work together with you to produce a top-notch event. We partner with each of our clients to form a winning team for success.

We Value Your Trust

At 21st Century Expo Group, we are the first choice in exhibit management, special events and trade shows — every time.

We know that you have a lot at stake with every single event. We also know you have choices. We believe in the saying:

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

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