Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Material Handling/Drayage”?

The term drayage is the moving of exhibit material from one location to another. Whether you ship to 21st Century Expo Group’s warehouse or directly to show, your materials still need to get to your booth location. Drayage services includes the accepting of your material either at our warehouse or on show site, delivery to your booth, storage of empty containers during the show, returning empty containers at the close of the show,picking up your packaged materials, returning them to the dock, and loading to the carrier of your choice.

Can I carry my own materials to my booth?

Any exhibitor may bring in his own materials providing that they can be hand carried by on person in one trip without the use of dollies; hand trucks oar any other equipment. If you choose to hand carry your exhibit you will not be permitted access to the loading dock area.

What is the difference between small shipments and large shipments?

Most all service Contractors has a minimum of 200 lbs per shipment. It is best to send your freight as one large shipment versus several small shipments. For example, if you send on 45 lbs and one 55 lbs package separately, you are charged the minimum on each shipment. If you are planning to ship items from various locations, you may want to ship them all to a central location then forward them to the Service Contactor’s warehouse and/or show site.

What are the advantages in advance shipments versus direct shipments?

In general, it is best to ship your materials in advance to the “advance shipment” address. You can (and should) confirm that we have received your materials well in advance of the show installation. If there is an issue, it can be resolved prior to the show. In addition, another advantage to advance shipment is that your materials will be in your booth when you arrive and can begin installation immediately, thus saving you time and frustration at show site. When shipping direct, if there is a problem there is seldom, time to resolve the problem prior to show opening.